PDG Exchange: Developing learners' oracy via video - Using Flipgrid (Code: C1071)

Join our series of maths/English Midlands PDG Exchanges. Exchanges provide safe, practical spaces to unpack current teaching and learning theory - bringing 'big ideas' alive via a range of online tools. We've designed sessions so you can test your ideas and applications in a safe space with peers.


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Who is this for?

For practitioners who want to learn from research-evidence and practice-evidence accumulated by teachers during the pandemic. The focus is on developing learners' maths and English abilities, although ideas will be relevant to many subjects.

  • Maths, English and ESOL Teachers (all levels)
  • Learning Support Staff
  • Vocational/ technical teachers embedding maths, English and digital literacies
  • Managers
  • Trainers/ assessors

Training aim

PDG Exchanges are a series of online short events designed by practitioners for practitioners on a range of current teaching, learning and assessment (TLA) topics. Each session unpacks a 'big' evidence-informed idea, models an online tool which can help bring the ideas alive for learners, and provides a safe solo/peer space for participants to test the tool and their thinking.

Other sessions in this series include:

  • PDG Exchange - Developing learners' oracy via video - Using Flipgrid
  • PDG Exchange - Developing learners' retrieval practices through low-stakes formative assessment in maths/English - Using Quizlet
  • PDG Exchange - Supporting all learners to work collaboratively on maths/English - Using Google docs, Mote & Jamboard


You will have the knowledge and confidence to

  • Unpack key ideas underpinning the importance of oracy for all learners, with a lens on developing maths/English abilities.
  • Explore how Flipgrid can provide ways of developing learners' oracy in a way that empowers and engages each and every learner.

  • Use Flipgrid to plan learning activities for a group of learners.


1.5 hours

Contact us

If this course is not currently available at a suitable date/location, please register your interest and we will let you know about new events as they are announced.

If you have any questions, please contact:

T: 0800 0 831 830
E: bookingsupport@etfoundation.co.uk