#APConnect - BAMEed workshops - Who are you? Authentic Leadership and Identity (Code: C1133)

Three two hour workshops opening up affirmative spaces for practitioners from BAMEed communities who work in AP-type-roles and/or drive quality improvement roles.


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Who is this for?

This workshop is prioritised for FE practitioners from BAMEed communities*. You can read more about our rationale for #APConnect equalities work here.

Ideally, participants will also be:

  • working in AP-type roles and/or:
  • involved in quality improvements and/or:
  • working towards/intending to undertake Advanced Teacher Status (ATS).

Participants may also be managers - at all levels - with responsibility for:

  • diversity and inclusion
  • quality improvement/assurance
  • professional learning
  • development and induction of teaching & support staff

We are limiting each workshop to 15 places to enable participants to activity contribute lived experiences.

*we recognise this is not an ideal term. Please let us know if you have a suggestion how we could express ourselves differently.

Training aim

We are delighted to invite you to join us to explore the importance of authenticity, authentic leadership and Identity as a BAME teacher, advanced practitioner and leader. The importance of valuing your own identity, and authenticity is key to moving forward in your practice and will stand you in good stead when supporting others in their development as well as leading others in future.


The session aims to explore:

  • key strategies, approaches, and practices to continue to value your own identity within your context and role.
  • how to continue to develop your own voice.
  • moving forward as an authentic teacher educator and leader, with agency to support others.


Two hours online

This is a series of three workshops making up the #APConnect - BAMEed Workshop series

1. Who are you? Authentic Leadership and Identity

2. Personal branding and social media

3. Blogging & publishing (journals and publications)

Entry Requirements

This workshop is prioritised for practitioners from BAMEed communities. You can read more about our rationale here.

You can attend the workshops as a series of three or independently of each other.

Contact us

If this course is not currently available at a suitable date/location, please register your interest and we will let you know about new events as they are announced.

If you have any questions, please contact:

T: 0800 0 831 830
E: bookingsupport@etfoundation.co.uk