SEND Matters in Derby: beyond the SENCO (Code: C1214)

These informative, insightful and interactive sessions will include delivery from Derby City Council SEN leaders, local school Headteachers, Primary and Secondary SENCOs and the DCG Centre for Excellence in SEND team.

These sessions are designed to discuss, explore and share the five parts of the Derby City Local Area SEND strategy: 1. How we work together as a local area; 2. Inclusive schools and settings; 3. Wider support for families; 4. Personalised pathways for a good life and; 5. Successful lives - preparing for adulthood.


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Who is this for?

It is important that we recognise how SEND matters to us all - it is not just the job of the SENCO in your school or SEND Manager in FE; inclusion is integral to every role. Therefore these sessions are for Derby City leaders, headteachers, managers, coordinators, teachers, teaching assistants, educational supporters and anyone else involved in the education and inclusion of learners in Derby City to become a part of how we (as an area) can better support all learners to live their best lives.

Training aim

To inform and involve all areas of the local educational community to facilitate collaboration to increase inclusion and improve transition in all curriculums across our city.


  • To define how we (as an area) improve ambitions for all learners
  • To identify how to improve the inclusion of all learners in all aspects of school, college or setting life
  • To identify how to improve the involvement of learners, parents/carers and stakeholders in decision making
  • To describe how to identify, assess, plan and adapt curriculum to meet the needs of all young people
  • To define how we prepare all learners for their next steps


30 minutes

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