Words are crucial: developing vocabulary for fluency in reading (Code: C1246)

This course is for you if you support learners of English Functional Skills and GCSEs (including those with ESOL needs) and you want to identify ways to develop your learners' fluency in reading.

The course will aim to provide you with the tools to increase learners' core vocabulary and underpin the skills of reading and writing, helping learners to succeed in assessment. A range of resources and best practice approaches will be trialled and evaluated.


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Who is this for?

This course is for teachers and other practitioners delivering GCSE or Functional Skills English in the Further Education and Training sector. It is aimed at teachers of English GCSE and Functional Skills. It is suitable for new or experienced, qualified teachers and managers of English. As this session discusses language acquisition, it is also suitable for teachers of ESOL.

Training aim

To explore strategies and approaches that help learners increase their vocabulary and develop fluency when reading.


On this course, you will:

  • examine the value of using a readability scoring tool when selecting English texts
  • analyse how to use a readability scoring tool
  • identify how using texts that are above learners' levels impacts on comprehension
  • appraise the value of exposing learners to new vocabulary on a repeated basis
  • identify how to make the introduction of new vocabulary meaningful to aid long-term memory word usage
  • explore the difference between intensive and extensive reading and the value of the latter
  • discover a range of strategies that can help to increase a learner's vocabulary for reading and writing activities.

By the end of this course, you will be more aware of the importance of making texts more accessible to your learners and recognise the need to maximise exposure to new words in meaningful ways, using a range of practical tools and strategies to assist learners with their language and reading skills.


Two hours

Entry Requirements

It is recommended that participants will be qualified to level 2 English and have a basic understanding of relevant terminology around grammar and vocabulary. It is also helpful, though not necessary, for participants that have attended the course  'Assessing and developing learners' vocabulary'.

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