Getting things in proportion in GCSE maths (Code: C1253)

Proportional reasoning is the foundation for a number of GCSE topics, which explore more abstract mathematical constructs, such as direct and inverse proportion and their graphical and algebraic representations, similar triangles, and growth and decay problems.

This interactive course will explore different approaches to teaching mathematical techniques based on proportional reasoning and will support problem-solving development and reasoning skills.


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Who is this for?

This course is for teachers and other practitioners delivering GCSE maths in the Further Education and Training sector. It may also be of interest to staff who are teaching T levels with a substantial mathematical component.

Training aim

To provide you with a range of strategies and activities to support learners to develop their understanding in working with the more abstract topics in the Ratio, proportion and rates of change domain in the GCSE specification.


On this course, you will:

  • reflect on the range of contexts in which proportional reasoning is the foundation of a mathematical technique
  • investigate methodologies to support learners in their understanding and application of ratios and proportion relating to more abstract mathematical techniques
  • consider rich, collaborative tasks, and expose and discuss misconceptions
  • reflect on how you might use these activities and approaches in your own teaching.


Two hours.

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