Helping post-16 learners to read with understanding and resilience (Code: C1275)

Learners often have low self-esteem and resilience to reading. Many feel that they have already 'failed'. This course explores how to develop learners' active reading skills by explicitly teaching some of the process and problem-solving strategies that proficient readers use automatically e.g. when good readers read, they consider what they are reading and how it fits with what they already know. You will try out and evaluate strategies through which support learners to build upon the schema that they have already developed and better understand and engage with the texts they encounter.


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Who is this for?

This course is for tutors who teach GCSE or Functional Skills English or other tutors and support staff who need to support the development of learners' English skills.

Training aim

To help teachers work with learners to improve their reading abilities and review approaches trialled by post-16 teachers that help develop active reading skills and learner resilience.


On this course, you will:

  • explore strategies for activating learners' schematic knowledge to support reading
  • evaluate the potential impact of reading aloud to learners
  • try out and evaluate a thematic approach to reading to encourage post-16 learners actively engage with reading texts.

By the end of this course, you will be able to devise and plan activities which promote active reading and engagement with texts by activating learners' reading schema and applying a thematic approach to text.


Two hours

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