Centres for Excellence in SEND - Employer Spokes - National Grid Supported Employment - EmployAbility (Code: C1324)

National Grid launched its Employability Supported Internship Programme in 2013 and has placed over 100 interns in the business. Mark Pickles MBE, Finance Business Programme Director at National Grid will take us through the following agenda whilst sharing tips on how businesses can start their own internship programmes:

  1. What is a Supported Internship and why are they so valuable?
  2. Benefits of National Grid's Supported Internship Programme
  3. Vital ingredients for success
  4. Insights from a Site Lead, Job Coach and intern Line Manager
  5. How to make it happen!
  6. Q&A


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Who is this for?

This session is for anyone interested in increasing supported employment opportunities for young people with disabilities and or learning difficulties. Businesses and education providers will gain valuable insight from an employers' perspective into how Supported Interns can benefit their business and workforce as well as tips on how to start their own internship programmes.

Training aim

Increase awareness of what a Supported Internship is and why they are valuable to business and employers. Share insights with Business and Education Providers in how to successfully start and deliver a supported internship programme.   


  1. Identify how Supported Internship Programmes can benefit business and successful models of partnership working. 
  2. Explore how to start a Supported Internship Programme within your own organisation
  3. Hear directly from individuals who have benefited or delivered on Supported Internship Programmes. 


1.5 hours 

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