CfEM Masterclass 1: Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis for FE teachers (Code: C1333)

Deepen your knowledge of qualitative research approaches. 'How to' plan and conduct interviews, focus groups, observations and other data collection methods, and analysis techniques. We will then move on to reasons why you would choose to use a particular qualitative method to meet different research needs.

This masterclass is part of a wider series. 


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Who is this for?

FE teachers who are both experienced and new to action research. Attendance at Masterclasses is optional.

Training aim

  • To increase your depth of knowledge of qualitative approaches commonly used in action research.
  • To improve skills at putting together qualitative research designs, depending on the research need and context.

After reviewing the most common qualitative methods and reasons for using each one, the Masterclass will work with various examples of real research to demonstrate how to put together different qualitative research designs. Topics will include but not be limited to:

  • Data collection methods e.g. focus groups, in-depth interviews and observations
  • Data analysis techniques e.g. coding for quantification, annotated learners' work, typologies, triangulation.


You will have the knowledge and confidence to be able to:

  • Discuss qualitative research approaches, in detail.
  • Identify which qualitative approaches to use and when.
  • Devise your own qualitative research designs.


A live 1-hour online Masterclass. The masterclass will be recorded so it's accessible asynchronously, and usable by action research leaders when training colleagues in research methods.

This is one of a series of action research masterclass sessions. You can book onto one or more of these masterclasses.

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Qualitative data collection and analysis for FE teachers

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