Innovative Teaching Methods and Modes of Delivery in Maths (Code: C1342)

Subject specialists will look at key concepts such as "playing with number", how to rethink "assessment in maths" and how to promote "growth mind-sets". Practitioners will also get an opportunity to view a case study from Weston college and explore the 6 different modes of delivery for maths. This included a virtual tour of the alternative classroom, 1:1 intervention and building blocks sessions. We will explore the correlation between maths and language, and the complexities that learners face in overcoming these. 


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Who is this for?

Managers, Lecturers/teachers of English and Maths, Subject specialists, Support workers in post 16 settings. 

Training aim

This webinar focuses on sharing good practice regarding how to provide appropriate Maths support for learners with additional needs who are on mainstream vocational provisions.

The session aims to support teachers and educators to explore innovative teaching methods and to reconsider "safe" and "traditional" teaching methods for Maths.

The aim is to improve the outcomes for learners with additional needs and to support educators to implement evidence-based research to support this.

All attendees will leave with an improved understanding of how creative restructures and curriculum design can lead to improved engagement, motivation and achievement in regard to Maths. Delegates will be able to share their own experiences and also identify some strategies to implement within their own organisations.


The outcomes of the course aims to:

  • Develop practitioners understanding of how curriculum design and teaching methods can be adjusted to support improved Maths outcomes.
  • Share examples of effective practice in terms of teaching and innovative resources to enhance a whole college approach to improving maths skills.
  • Promote and share a body of valid and relevant evidence-based research to enable practitioners to plan for effective learning and delivery - case studies.


2 hours

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