#APConnect - A Story of Advanced Practice: Rethinking the Role of the Advanced Practitioner (2022) (Code: C1373)

Advanced Practitioners have been rethinking the role of the AP this year, creating professional learning opportunities which build community, capacity and trust within organisations, leading to sustainable culture change.

This is quality improvement from the inside, inspired by the 'outside': the professional learning ecosystem of FE. The event also introduces the APConnect Living Archive of Advanced Practice: our research and practice evidence base. This event is live, sustainable and future facing. Expect to be engaged and leave inspired.


No suitable dates or locations? Please register your interest and we will let you know about new events as they are announced.

Who is this for?

This event is aimed at the whole FE sector, in its diverse settings and contexts.

There is much to be learned from the values-led practice of Advanced Practitioners (APs) who have driven evidence-informed affirmative change & quality improvement over the past four years.

The conference is of particular interest to:

  • Practitioners working in AP-type roles, those involved in quality improvements and practitioners working towards/intending to undertake Advanced Teacher Status (ATS).
  • APs supporting colleagues delivering basic skills or the embedding of basic skills. 
  • Managers-at all levels-with responsibility for

 a) quality improvement/assurance

 b) professional learning, induction of teaching & support staff.

  • Senior leadership who are interested in values-led practice, capacity building and culture change.
  • Technical and learning support colleagues, who provide wrap-around support for students.
  • Policy makers & influencers.

Training aim

Our aim is to collectively engage you in learning from our experience, knowledge and expertise, in order for us to collectively shape the future of advanced practice. 

Rather than 'showcases', the day will provide facilitated 'thinkpieces', which encourage you to generate your own ideas for capacity-building, sustainable, future-facing quality improvement practice. 

Do browse last year's 'APConnect - Spark(l)ing Constellations 2021' conference here


'You will have the knowledge and confidence to ...'

  • Reflect on the role of the AP as broker and influencer of evidence-based quality improvement interventions which are developed and evaluated as values-led practice.

  • Reflect on the future-facing potential of APs as capacity-building agents within the organisation, via the Northstar and Skylarks programme pathways.

  • Reflect on how APs have mastered antifragile practice: thriving, leading and driving values-led change, and building cultures of collaboration and trust.


Our day is planned along an ethics of joy, openness and care. We do not expect anyone to sit at a Zoom screen all day and we invite your physical surroundings into the event.

Draft agenda - this may be subject to change.

  • 9.30-10am Welcome to our landing page, which sets up the asynchronous activities for the day and invites you to be mindful of your own wellbeing.
  • 10-10.30am Welcome (Joss Kang), followed by AP Glossary (Lou Mycroft).
  • 10.30-12.30pm Live content, crowd-sourced from the AP community.
  • 12.30 -1.00pm Mandatory lunch break ;-)
  • 1.00-3pm Live content, crowd sourced from the AP community.
  • 3pm Richard O'Neill* tells the story of Advanced Practice in 2021-22.

We close at 3.20pm to enable everyone to stay with us until the end. Please ensure you are free until this time.

** Romani Gypsy Storyteller Richard O'Neill will once again be listening in and telling us our stories at the end of the day. Here is Richard's #APConnect story from 2021. [12:17]

Entry Requirements

This event is designed for:

APs who:

  • are part of this year's programme
  • support colleagues in delivering basic skills - maths, English and essential digital skills
  • are curious about being part of this thriving community
  • have been involved previously.

If we are oversubscribed, we reserve the right to select for difference, across all dimensions.

We also welcome:

  • Leaders and managers with responsibility for quality improvement in FE and/or interest in values-led practices.
  • Teaching, technical and support colleagues who are interested in values-led practice.

You are expected to have the support of your line manager to attend and be committed to engaging in the day's activities and sharing conference outcomes in your organisation (and additionally via FE-focused social media using the hashtag #APConnect).

We are likely to have a waiting list. If you book and find you cannot attend, please let us know.

Contact us

If this course is not currently available at a suitable date/location, please register your interest and we will let you know about new events as they are announced.

If you have any questions, please contact:

T: 0800 0 831 830
E: enquiries@etfoundation.co.uk