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Providers will be reflecting on their employer engagement strategies, business development processes and expertise and sales skills in order to redefine and improve their role in the changing employer: provider relationship. Provider organisations need to be able to adapt their sales systems and processes in order to maximise the opportunities available across all employers.

Pricing options

SET member: £170

Non-SET member: £200.00

This is a subsidised rate for providers that receive funding from the SFA. For providers not receiving funding the full cost is £300.


Date: 14/03/2018
Price: from £200.00
City of London
Date: 22/03/2018
Price: from £200.00

Who is this course for?

You should be responsible for apprenticeship business development at a strategic level and should be accountable for engaging with employers, partners, stakeholders and other agencies.

Training aim

This support package will cover:

  • Optimising internal sales processes, including the use of the online apprenticeship service
  • Maximising the use of employer incentives
  • Developing differentiated sales strategies
  • Building strategic relationships with employers of all sizes
  • Differentiating the offer according to market segments
  • Developing robust business processes including contracts and policies
  • Increasing capacity for rapid business growth whilst maintaining quality


You will have the knowledge and confidence to:
  • Differentiate the apprenticeship offer for different markets
  • Review and refine internal processes to ensure that they are fit for purpose
  • Develop a simple sales strategy template to use within the organisation
  • Cascade materials, learning and ideas through train-the-trainer approach
  • Hear from other delegates and share best practice about different approaches being developed by the sector

Length of the course

One day workshop: 10am - 4pm

Entry Requirements

This workshop will reference different standards and will not be sector specific.

There is an assumption that you will be familiar with the Government agenda and progress with apprenticeship reforms and implementation of the levy, however this workshop is designed to strengthen this understanding.
You will be expected to have read the following documents:

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