Tailored support for providers - Apprenticeship standards

Future Apprenticeships

A package that will be tailored to a provider or group of providers offering organisational support when moving from apprenticeship frameworks to standards delivery.

Pricing options

The cost is £2,200 This is a subsidised rate for providers that receive funding from the ESFA.

For providers not receiving funding the full cost is £3,300 

If you are interested and want more details of this bespoke package, then contact mcox@aelp.org.uk  

Who is this course for?

This is whole organisation support.

It can also be tailored to small groups of providers as long as you have common delivery models and agree to share processes.

Training aim

Whether you are due to start delivery of the apprenticeship standards or need to consider the implications for your future planning, this package will support you through the crucial stages of action planning.

The benefit of accessing this support is that you will understand what you need to do to begin your delivery of standards or, if you are already delivering, it will improve your capacity and quality.

You will:

  • get a benchmark of where you are as a provider
  • agree an action plan to show you how to meet your aims as a provider of high quality standards
  • be able to target specific areas of your business to receive support
  • understand effective approaches to successful delivery of standards

You will be expected to commit to working with the person providing support and to agree specific targets to be achieved by the end of the support.


This support package will help you to:

  • increase your understanding of the apprenticeship reforms and the implications of delivering the new standards - for your organisation and your staff
  • produce an action plan which will enable you to start preparing for the transition within a timeframe relevant to your future delivery
  • be more able to support staff through your increased understanding of the implications on teaching, assessment and employer engagement with access to supporting materials to help you with the transition.

Length of the course

This package of support is delivered over 6-8 weeks involving 3 days of tailored face to face support and 2 days remote support.

The exact timings will be agreed between your organisation and the person giving support.

Entry Requirements

Your organisation should be delivering apprenticeship standards or intending to begin to do so.

You must commit to agreeing to work across your whole organisation and to work with the person providing support to implement the agreed action plan.

Contact us

If this course is not currently available in your area, and you would like to attend then register your interest. We will let you know about new events as they are announced.

If you have any questions, please contact:

T: 0800 0 831 830
E: bookingsupport@etfoundation.co.uk