Sharpening your focus on governing practice

Leadership, Management & Governance Training

Join us to design, maintain and apply a structured professional journal to support your professional development and to improve governing processes in real time. You will design your own professional journal format and be supported by a mentor (a Clerk from the pilot.)

Pricing options

This programme is free for participants as it is fully subsidised by the Education and Training Foundation. 

Who is this course for?

  • Clerks to the corporation
  • Staff Governors 
  • Student Governors 

Training aim

By participating in this research opportunity you will develop and maintain a professional journal over approximately five months to improve clarity about governing processes.


You will negotiate your learning outcomes with your mentor depending upon your specific context and learning agenda. The learning outcomes below are from the clerks who trialled three ways to maintain and use a professional diary based on board meetings. 

You will have the knowledge and confidence to: 

  • improve confidence gained from professional reflection (stimulated by keeping the professional journal)
  • improve focus on aspects of governing processes, with the intention to address matters of concern
  • improve focus for meetings with the Chair and/or Chief Executive. 


Length of the course

The time commitment is the time it takes to review a Board meeting or a committee meeting - perhaps assume an additional hour per meeting attended. Participation in the programme will last approximately six months.

You will be supported by a mentor (a Clerk who participated in the pilot phase) and these sessions will be scheduled virtually to fit with your diary commitments. You will also have access to a Guide,  'Sharpening Your Focus on Governing Practice via Structured Professional Journalling' which will help you devise a journal format to support your practice.   

Entry Requirements

New or experienced: 
  • Clerks to the corporation
  • Staff Governors
  • Student Governors

Hear from previous participants: 

Clerk T described the maintenance of a professional journal as a 'very useful, healthy, professional discipline.' S/he listed three main benefits including reflection, seeing the bigger governing picture, and considering how to use identified issues with the Chair.

Clerk S stated:-

'The journal is a big part of my new thinking about how we address governing.'

'I've changed how I present draft minutes, agendas and the running of meetings informed in part by issues emerging from the professional journal.'


'The professional journal is ... where I'm seeing repeating patterns ... a bigger landscape.... and this is leading to a better conversation with the Principal and Chair'.

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If this course is not currently available in your area, and you would like to attend then register your interest. We will let you know about new events as they are announced.

If you have any questions, please contact:

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