Training the Vocational Teacher Trainer

Training for FE Teacher Trainers

Do you want to be more self-sufficient in training your apprentices? Why not train your own vocational teaching staff, in-house, with your own vocational teacher trainers as a blended-learning programme.

Pricing options

Individual fees

SET member: £276.25
Non-SET member: £325

Who is this course for?

Well qualified or experienced trainers/teachers:
  • working in vocational (rather than formal education) settings in Independent Training Provision; Further Education; Employer-Provider delivery of apprenticeships; Adult and Community Learning; Voluntary Sector Organisations.
  • who would be suitable for delivering the:

            o Award, Certificate or Diploma in Education and Training; and/or  

            o the new Advanced and Higher-Level Apprenticeships in Education and Training (when ready).

Training aim

  • Module 1: Understand the requirements of relevant Education and Training qualifications and Standards
  • Module 2: Effective principles of  vocational teaching and learning to support the design and delivery of vocational teacher training
  • Module 3: Teaching and modelling effective practice in vocational education and training
  • Module 4: Facilitating an understanding of how to support learners' maths and English in vocational education and training
  • Module 5: Maintain a current knowledge of the wider operational context of VET  
  • Module 6: Professional values, beliefs and behaviours.


You will have the knowledge and confidence to:
  • research and evaluate the range of teaching and training qualifications/standards available
  • interpret mandatory and optional unit specifications in designing programmes
  • know which skills and pedagogical principles are most important in meeting current quality and policy expectations
  • consider important principles of learning
  • understand and practise the fundamental interpersonal skills
  • encourage learner motivation and engagement
  • promote the need for clear communications and expectations regarding the value of maths and English
  • encourage a partnership approach to supporting learners' maths and English
  • identify the wider policy drivers, their impact on strategy planning and ultimately on teaching and learning
  • understand and reflect on positive workplace practices
  • explain the principles that underpin the assignment submission process
  • review the Professional Standards
  • identify and evaluate your own values and beliefs.

Length of the course

Blended learning with a mixture of on-line and face-to-face sessions over a couple of months

  • Induction to Canvas (on-line learning) and the programme: Online session
  • Module 1: Online session
  • Module 2: Online session
  • Module 2 (continued) and Module 3: Face-to-face session
  • Module 4a: Online session
  • Module 4b: Online session
  • Module 5: Face-to-face session
  • Module 6: Online learning, throughout the programme.

Entry Requirements

Eligibility: successful applicants will need to be:

  • experienced and effective trainers/teachers, within their vocational context
  • endorsed and recommended by their organisation
  • experienced with delivering initial or continuing professional development to vocational staff
  • committed to quality improvement and personal excellence.
Ideally, they will also have:

  • some qualifications in teaching, training or human resource development*
* the level at which Awarding Organisations will allow you to train vocational teachers, trainers, assessors, coaches or mentors will depend on the type and level of your current teaching or training qualifications, and we will advise you on how to further develop your professional standing as a vocational teacher trainer.

Contact us

If this course is not currently available in your area, and you would like to attend then register your interest. We will let you know about new events as they are announced.

If you have any questions, please contact:

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