In-house Prevent duty and British values for apprenticeship providers (Code: C0353)

Prevent duty and British values course for apprenticeship providers. This course sets out the Prevent duty and Ofsted requirements for apprenticeship providers and supports staff in identifying how these can be implemented in a workplace environment

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Who is this for?

This course can be tailored to the needs of senior managers, those responsible for apprentices or staff who are mentoring apprentices.

Training aim

  • To provide a clear understanding of the Prevent duty and how it applies to employer providers or independent training providers.
  • To support those delivering apprenticeships in finding how they can exemplify and promote British values.
  • To give an understanding of the Ofsted approach to the Prevent duty and inspection of employer providers and independent training providers.


You will have the knowledge and confidence to:

  • implement the Prevent duty 
  • exemplify and promote British values. 


One day.

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