Inclusive mentoring: personal development in a different way (Code: C0487)

Inclusive mentoring flips the notion of expert who is the mentor to he less experienced mentee. Inclusive mentoring is about learning as much from being a mentor as being a mentee, and ensuring that we learn from diverse voices, and improve our practice in inclusivity. We will look at concepts of inclusive mentoring, learn and practice mentoring skills. At the end of the day we hope you will join our WLN mentoring network.


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Who is this for?

The day is for anyone who is interested in mentoring as a means to promote greater diversity and inclusivity. By it's nature, inclusive mentoring means that everybody is welcome  and the more diverse the participants the better the day will be, and the more it more support your own personal development.

The day is also aimed at anyone who wants to know more about using inclusive mentoring as a means to create more inclusive teams and to support a more diverse and inclusive talent pipeline.

Training aim

The event aims to:

  • introduce participants to the concepts and ideas of inclusive mentoring
  • provide an opportunity to learn and practice mentoring skills
  • to explore how inclusive mentoring can be used for personal development and to create a more diverse talent pipeline
  • provide an opportunity to become part of a mentoring network.


You will have the knowledge and confidence to:

  • use inclusive mentoring to promote diversity and inclusion
  • use inclusive mentoring for personal development for yourself and others
  • use mentoring skills in your everyday practice
  • offer mentoring to others
  • seek out mentors for your own development.


One day.

Entry Requirements

None. Just come along and be prepared to be yourself!

Contact us

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If you have any questions, please contact:

T: 0800 0 831 830