Developing T Level Maths (Code: C0494)

This is a one day, face-to-face session and is the third step in a four-part programme supporting the teaching of core mathematical skills, which are embedded in each T Level route and pathway. The session builds on an introductory module which explores effective practice in developing embedded English, maths and digital skills and an e-learning module, 'Developing embedded maths skills for T Levels.'

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This course is fully subsidised and therefore there is no charge to ESFA-funded providers.


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Who is this for?

The course is designed to appeal to T Level educators; this includes curriculum planners, course leaders, lecturers, trainers, assessors and support staff. Specific maths qualifications or extensive experience in this area is not required for this course. However, it is advised that practitioners complete the online module, 'Developing embedded maths skills for T Levels' and the one-day introductory session, 'Introduction to Developing Embedded English, Maths & Digital in T Levels', beforehand.

Training aim

To support practitioners to explore the mathematical skills required for work and learning in their specialism in order to prepare for T Level delivery.

This course will:

  • help practitioners identify the GMCs (General Maths Competences)
  • support practitioners to consider the appropriate maths level needed for their T Level programmes and the challenges learners may face in relation to maths
  • encourage practitioners to reflect upon their own training and development needs.

Practitioners will be encouraged to plan and design some learning resources suitable for their technical area. A variety of AfL (Assessment for Learning) strategies will also be explored.


By the end of the session, you will have the knowledge and confidence to:

  • identify GMCs (General Maths Competences) and apply these to T Level-specific scenarios
  • consider what would happen if the maths was incorrect
  • identify the mathematical concepts, skills and understanding required within your T Level area
  • reflect on what would be an appropriate mathematical level for T Level students
  • plan appropriate activities with students
  • discuss the implications of Expectancy-Value theory and the growth zone model on classroom practice
  • identify mathematical competences used, degree of accuracy and assumptions
  • identify 'back of an envelope estimates' for students within your technical area
  • review/learn about memory structures and 'cognitive overload' and consider the implications for teaching practice
  • identify your own/ team's development needs around developing embedded maths in T Levels
  • locate and signpost colleagues to sources of support for personal and pedagogical development of teachers' maths.


One full day (09:30 - 16:15)

Entry Requirements

Fully subsidised and therefore there is no charge to ESFA-funded providers.

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