T Levels: Industry Insight (Code: C0538)

This support offer will prepare teaching staff for their approved staff placement in industry. Staff placements in industry will support collaborative working with employers, enabling co-curriculum design, planning and delivery with a clear line of sight to work. This will help to ensure that learners studying T Levels will have opportunities to develop their subject specialist knowledge, skills, behaviours and occupational competencies, so that they are better prepared for the world of work.


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Who is this for?

This training is specifically for teachers and trainers that have successfully been approved for either Work Shadowing, a Work Placement or a Staff Placement in Industry.

Training aim

Through the Pre-Placement event, we will support you to:

  • Develop your objectives for a successful staff placement;
  • Create a placement plan that takes into account duration, placement type and impact;
  • Introduce you to the Self-Reflection and Impact Toolkit, and case study ensuring understanding of how remission costs are claimed;
  • Network with other providers who will be engaging with Industry Insight placements to ensure practice sharing.


Develop your knowledge and understanding of current industry practice in preparation for T Level delivery to ensure that a clear line of sight to work is embedded in classroom teaching and learning.

This professional learning and development will prepare you for an industry insight placement to ensure maximum impact on T Level delivery and sharing of learning amongst colleagues.


This professional learning and development support is a two-hour session.

Entry Requirements

You must have already been successfully approved for either Work Shadowing, a Work Placement or a Staff Placement in Industry.

Through booking a place on this course, you consent to sharing your data with the Department for Education. Please see the TLPD Privacy Notice for further details.

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