Regional Governors Inductions 2019/20 (Code: C0574)

The workshop will include a discussion on operating in a climate of ever-changing emphasis and influence from government, changing local and national circumstances, and evolving competition and partnerships alike. It will also explore the governance roles and responsibilities, how boards can monitor progress and the crucial elements of information that a board required to enable effective monitoring and challenge.

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The inductions are free to attend.


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Who is this for?

College governors and clerks.

Training aim

Each induction will support new board members in fulfilling their roles by aiming to improve understanding of the Further Education (FE) and Training sector landscape and the challenges in the year ahead, to increase understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the board.


Each induction will aim to inform the learning of new board members, covering the following topics:

  • board responsibility and accountability
  • protocols
  • inspection and quality
  • regulation
  • FE landscape.


half day

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