Future Leadership webinar series: Mastery, autonomy and purpose: motivating staff at every level

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Future Leadership - shaping a new generation of work-based learning & FE 'Mastery, autonomy and purpose: motivating staff at every level' is part of a series of 12 webinars running until March 2017. Our two guest speakers are: Richard Davis, Head of Training at Youthforce, who has completely reimagined how to get the best from his workforce. Nikki Gatenby, a multi-award winning marketing sector leader who runs a business with an international reputation for the way it treats its staff.

Pricing options

Non-SET member: £25 

Who is this course for?

College leaders, chief executives, directors, senior managers and aspiring leaders.

Training aim

This webinar will explore the idea that people are motivated by autonomy, mastery and purpose.

  • How can the FE and skills sector consistently recruit, train and retain the best staff across the UK?
  • How can we apply this to tutors, assessors, managers, leaders, back-office staff, sales and marketing teams?
  • The employers considered the best to work for in the UK make life better for their staff and their customers. How? What are their secrets?  
  • With the world of work changing, colleges and training providers need new carrots/sticks and to respond to a flexible, portfolio-based workforce.

The art of motivation is being disrupted in the private sector, with some clear lessons for education. We want to be independent thinkers, with our values aligned to our employer. Experts at what we do, with a clear sense of why we do it and who we do it for.


You will have the confidence and knowledge to:

  • understand key principles and techniques for motivating staff and retaining talent
  • re-think incentives for hard work and loyalty, that research shows really work
  • consider how the values and culture of an organisation goes much further to attracting and keeping the best staff than status or pay.

Length of the course

One hour for each interactive webinar.

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