Embedding maths and English in apprenticeships: assessment (Code: C0683)

This learning package will help you to identify appropriate assessment methods for an embedded approach to the delivery of maths and English in apprenticeships. It consists of an online module and an associated interactive webinar.

Pricing options

There is no charge for these learning packages as they are part of a pilot.

Who is this for?

This learning package is for those involved in delivering apprenticeships, with responsibilities for facilitating apprentices' maths and English development including employers and providers.

The roles are likely to include:

  • workplace managers
  • maths and English teachers
  • provider managers
  • vocational tutors
  • mentors
  • supervisors
  • workplace assessors.

There are three further learning packages which cover:

Please note that to access support available through these packages you will need to book separately for each of them.

Training aim

The aim of this learning package is to help you to identify appropriate assessment methods for an embedded approach to the delivery of maths and English in apprenticeships.

It introduces ideas and provides insight into what people in various roles are doing, or could do, and signposts to further resources.

The focus is on helping apprentices achieve their Level 2 maths and English in their level 2 and level 3 apprenticeships.


You will have the knowledge and confidence to:

  • help apprentices monitor and evaluate their own maths and English learning
  • examine assessment for learning strategies to help learners make progress
  • gather evidence of learning
  • create an assessment framework that can be used in the workplace
  • establish effective practice guidelines for assessment and tracking in maths and English. 


The online module does not have a specific time but usually takes approximately 40 minutes.

Webinars are 60 minutes, but the room will be open 30 minutes prior to the start so you can test your kit.

Entry Requirements

You should be directly or indirectly involved with delivering apprenticeships in the workplace. In particular with an interest in how maths and English are supported or taught.

It is recommended that you complete the online module prior to attending the associated webinar.

You will receive an email with information on how to access the online module and the webinar. Two separate bookings are required to access the full support available through this package.

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