Introducing the Guide to EdTech and Essential Digital Skills training to support remote working (Code: C0738)


The ETF's Enhance Digital Teaching Platform has many bite-sized modules, created to support teachers in everyday practice, which contain insight, information, advice and support for teaching and remote learning. The recently published Guide picks out the modules of most value for pedagogical practice in remote learning. This webinar by the Guide's authors shows you what they are, where they might fit into your teaching, learning and assessment and how to use them to best effect.


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Who is this for?

Teachers, trainers and others who are working to design and deliver a quality learning experience online. 

Training aim

  • To introduce the use of the published Guide to identify pedagogical pathways and clusterings of modules that will support remote working.
  • To demonstrate the practical application of an area of the Guide.


You will have the knowledge and confidence to: 

  • Understand how the Guide works and the value of the various collections and groupings of modules.
  • Quickly find personalised and circumstance-specific routes through the categories and modules. 
  • Identify ways to use the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform's resources for personal and professional development in EdTech and essential digital skills.


30/40 minutes plus additional time for any questions from participants (max one hour). 

Entry Requirements

A basic understanding of the EdTech and Essential Digital Skills modules will be helpful. You can find them on the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform. You may also find it useful to have the Guide open during the webinar.

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