Supporting ESOL on vocational / technical courses (Code: C0755)

Integrating the development of English skills within vocational programmes has now become both an established support model and a key indicator of high-quality teaching across the curriculum; ESOL learners have particular support needs in terms of both spoken and written English. This one-day course sets out to explore how practitioners working with ESOL learners can meet those needs through a range of embedded teaching strategies.


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Who is this for?

This course is suitable for any practitioner working with ESOL learners in the Further Education and Training sector, for example:

  • vocational lecturers
  • workplace trainers
  • assessors
  • learning support assistants.

This course may also be of interest to ESOL specialists, as well as to English teachers, vocational tutors and learning support assistants who are working directly with ESOL learners.

Training aim

This course helps prepare practitioners to offer embedded support for ESOL learners' English skills development. It explores the range of barriers that ESOL learners face when dealing with spoken and written instructions and when tacking reading and writing tasks in vocational contexts. The course demonstrates how teachers and other practitioners can support learners to address these difficulties and build their confidence and skills with English.


By the end of the session you will have the knowledge and confidence to:

  • identify the English skills commonly required on vocational programmes
  • list the additional barriers and challenges faced by ESOL learners
  • support ESOL learners with spoken English and the use of specialist vocabulary
  • support ESOL learners with reading and writing tasks in vocational areas
  • choose some appropriate digital tools and websites for use in embedded support
  • progress to self-study opportunities offered through Foundation Online Learning.


This is a blended learning course, which consists of two 90-minute live sessions and self-led learning between them. The live sessions are one week apart, giving you a week to complete the mid-course tasks.

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