Mental Health, Wellbeing and Anxiety: A practical guide exploring support, tools and training (Code: C0793)

As part of Weston College's Centres for Excellence in SEND 'People' focused program, this webinar will share practical examples of how managers, leaders, employers and employees can support and promote good mental health and wellbeing and reduce anxiety. Information and examples will include how to remain connected during a time of social isolation, both of which are well recognised to heighten feelings of isolation, anxiety, low mood and other mental health problems.


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Who is this for?

Managers, team leaders, principals, teachers, tutors, support staff, employees and front line services.

Training aim

This session will cover:

  • Meeting the changing needs of staff and/or SEND learners through a range of online tools. 
  • Reducing anxiety in remote working and learning for staff, learners and parents.
  • Strategies to maximise engagement and reduce social isolation.
  • Embedding emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Virtual and on-site transition programmes in and out of organisations.
  • Identify what support is available from the Centre for Excellence ion SEND any gaps.
  • Further support using ETF's Enhanced Digital Platform offer.


Understanding mental health and wellbeing of staff and learners. The session will detail tools, techniques and training that can be implemented to help reduce anxiety at this time and encourage positive mental health and wellbeing. The session will also cover what support is available to organisations through the Centre for Excellence in SEND.


One hour.

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