Managers' reflections and future planning conference (Code: C0795)

This conference provides management and leadership staff with the chance to reflect and feedback on the impact of our webinar offer on their staff and help us better plan and deliver what you need in the future.

Who is this for?

This conference is for any Team, Faculty or College leads who have attended (or have staff who have attended) any of our recent webinars. We are keen to hear your thoughts on what content you would find most useful moving forward.

Training aim

This course will offer leaders in the FE sector the chance to reflect on the training they have received and also shape the training they and their teams will receive in the run up to and across September.


By the end of the conference you will have had the opportunity to

  • Share what training has worked well and help identify where and how ideas from previous webinars might be developed and embedded into practice in the future..
  • Identify areas of need and help inform our responses to those needs.
  • Share thinking with colleagues around the challenges of returning from lockdown and inducting new learners. 


This is a half-day conference (3 hours), split into multiple sessions.

Entry Requirements

All delegates must have, or represent staff who have, attended at least on our recent selection of Shaping Success Webinars.

Contact us

If this course is not currently available in your area, and you would like to attend then register your interest. We will let you know about new events as they are announced.

If you have any questions, please contact:

T: 0800 0 831 830