ETF Virtual Annual Research Conference (Code: C0800)

Join us at the ETF Virtual Annual Research Conference 2020! Meet research-active practitioners from across the Further Education and Training sector in England. Find out about how they are improving educational practice through educational research. Hear from previous PRP Participants who have pushed their research to new heights to be recently awarded PhDs. Share your ideas with delegates, keynote speakers and prominent figures in ETF.

Who is this for?

Practitioners and education leaders in the Further Education and Training sector. Training professionals from industry including apprenticeship trainers and those in other organisations interested in improving teaching, learning and assessment through practice-focused educational research. The conference will also be of value to education and policy professionals interested in measures of impact in education and models of educational evaluation and improvement in the sector.

Training aim

The aim of the Conference is to share the range of research currently being supported by the Education and Training Foundation's Practitioner Research Programme. It brings together evidence- based and theory-informed educational research. Current research topics include:

  1. Teaching,Learning and Assessment in GCSE English and Maths
  2. The Development of Craft and Skill in Vocational Education
  3. Dilemmas in the Vocational-Academic Divide
  4. The challenges of the Theory/Practice Divide
  5. Problems and possibilities in curriculum design, implementation and evaluation
  6. New approaches to professional learning and development
  7. Technology and the use of ICT.


Spend two days with us in a virtual conference space (Zoom).  You will receive a copy of the book of abstracts ahead of the conference. A link to join the Zoom Meeting Room will be sent out to you each day of the conference. Remember if you want to join us you will need to have registered via the ETF Booking System.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements. Education leaders, senior and middle managers, teachers, industry trainers, practitioner-researchers, and practitioners from across the Further Education and Training sector are all welcome to attend. Delegates are also encouraged to invite colleagues and students from their organisations to the Conference.

Contact us

If this course is not currently available in your area, and you would like to attend then register your interest. We will let you know about new events as they are announced.