Talking anxiety with Nick Elston - leading inspirational speaker on the lived experience of mental health (Code: C0815)

Nick Elston will be sharing his tips, tools and techniques that helped him in his own recovery. Despite the sometimes heavy subject matter, Nick delivers his webinars in an inspirational, fun and powerful style. The webinar will focus not just on what anxiety is - but what anxiety does - how it keeps us in a comfort zone, stops us living a life on our terms & ultimately how it affects success - by your own definition.

Who is this for?

For everyone working in the Further Education and Training sector and the public sector generally.

Training aim

This session will focus on the hints, tips and techniques to manage mental health and anxiety in particular.

The focus will be on what anxiety is; what it does; how it keeps us in a comfort zone and how it prevents us from living life on our own terms and can get in the way of success.


By participating in this webinar you will gain the knowledge and understanding of mental illness, mental health and anxiety. 

You will learn what works and how to put it into practice with those around us to better understand and support anyone experiencing anxiety.


1.5 hours.

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