Are you ready? Meeting the online accessibility needs of all our learners (Code: C0819)

From 23 September 2020, FE and Training providers will have a legal duty to make sure websites (including virtual learning environments and the resources on them) meet new accessibility requirements.

It's not too late to get prepared - and you are legally (and reputationally) vulnerable if you're not prepared. This webinar will take you through the four step process to help your organisation to meet the needs of all its learners, including those with accessibility needs.


Webinar Recording
Price: no charge

Who is this for?

Teachers, trainers and managers in the Further Education and Training sector

Training aim

To help organisations understand why additional regulations were needed and to explain what steps they can take to ensure to help your organisation to meet the needs of all its learners, including your learners with accessibility needs.

Supporting Enhance Modules for this webinar include:

      · Accessibility: Accessibility and the law: Getting it right

      · Accessibility: Influencing and promoting policy for equitable access

      · Dealing with difference and diversity: Technology, personalisation and effective learning


During the webinar we will cover:

· An overview of the new public sector regulations (2018) and

· how they relate to the Equality Act and other disability legislation.

· Who within the organisation needs to know and take action.

· Plain English overview and demonstration of the difference between accessible and inaccessible content.

· What to look for - and what to do when you find a problem.

· What are accessibility statements and how do you write one?

Differentiated outcome: 

For those who have already been using our accessibility and dealing with difference and diversity modules: don't forget to submit a reflection on your training and you will receive personalised feedback from our panel of experts.


60 minutes. (A recording will be posted after the session to support the sector post-event.)

Entry Requirements

None, although to get the most from this session we strongly encourage you to register for free on the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform beforehand.

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