FE Women's Voices 2: Getting diverse women's voices heard (Code: C0849)

The second of three sessions developed in response to feedback from women, especially women of Black (African, Caribbean, Black British) Asian, mixed, and minority ethnic heritage on getting diverse women's voices 'heard' in FE. Arinola Edeh, Neena Chauhan, and Uzma Sadiq join Pauline Odulinski in this panel discussion share their own narratives and thinking about removing the systemic barriers to 'hearing' diverse women's voices in FE.


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Course Video

Who is this for?

#BlackLivesMatter #MeToo and the recent Women Up course all show how relevant this topic is to every woman working in FE, so we are opening this session up to every woman who wishes to join, and we have made it free. To borrow from Charity So White, "This isn't a conversation about diversity and inclusion; it is a conversation about power and privilege." This conversation is for you if you:

  • find yourself silenced or tempering what you say all the time at work
  • are ghosted in meetings, yet when others say the same thing, they are 'heard'.
  • want to support and empower other women to speak up
  • want to learn how to amplify other women's voices 
  • want to stop talking about 'if' racism and sexism exist and commit to eradicating it

Training aim

Uzma, Neena, Arinola and Pauline work in education as leaders and managers. They share a passion for making positive change happen but do not underestimate the task. In this session they aim to: 

  • Challenge institutional bias in who gets listened to and how to get diverse voices heard in your organisation.
  • Provide a positive vision and combat cynicism that 'there's nothing I/we can do about it'.
  • Share ideas, practical tips and techniques from different perspectives and personal experiences.
    • Get us to look at our own power and privilege whoever we are.
    • Raise our awareness of how to create FE spaces and workplaces where all voices are heard and respected.
    • Encourage us to commit to change-personally and in our organisations.


    You will have the knowledge and confidence to:

    • Recognise how bias impacts on you and/or your work.
    • Acknowledge your own power and privilege and how you use it.
    • Make it harder for opponents to dismiss our voices.
    • Influence others in your workplace be open to different thinking, avoid division and open up conversations on address systemic biases.
    • Implement ideas and techniques, already piloted, to encourage people to listen to understand from another perspective.
    • Get your own voice heard and strengthen other women's voices.
    • Challenge racially charged 'divide and rule' rhetoric and constructively address biased and offensive language and conduct in the workplace.
    • Avoid colluding in workplace policies and practices that silence and discriminate.
    • Build intersectional understanding and solidarity across gender and race in FE.
    • Identify the part you will play in taking action to eradicate systemic barriers to 'hearing' all women's voices in your workplace.


    One hour.

    We will open the Zoom room at 13.35 (to socialise/sort out any technical problems) for a prompt 13.45 start and ending at 14.45 hours. We always remain for another 10 minutes afterwards for any 1:1 questions/conversations.

    Entry Requirements

    Women working in FE, including women governors.

    We want everyone to enjoy and have full access to this online session. Please do not be offended if we ask you to help us do so, and tell us when you book if you have any specific online accessibility requirements we need to know about.

    If you notice something we've missed or made difficult for you or others, please say, and we will do everything we can to make it right.

    Contact us

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    If you have any questions, please contact:

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