#APConnect: Developing APs (modular) & Manager Mentoring CPD Programme (Code: C0907)

This course offers a unique in-house blended modular programme for AP-type teams, plus wrap around support for  commissioning manager/s. While there is a strong, practical focus for APs, the manager mentoring support explores AP-type team development and deployment in organisational life, resulting in a developmental plan. The focus is on developing the knowledge, behaviour and skills of APs so they can provide effective peer-to-peer support & lead quality improvements.

Pricing options

For up to 10 participants the course fee is £1,600

10% discount for organisations who are a SET corporate partner.  

SET Membership

SET members are entitled to an exclusive 15% discount off this ETF professional development course.

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Who is this for?

This programme has a dual audience; (i) 'Commissioning manager/s' and (ii) practitioners operating in AP-type roles within an organisation.

(i) Commissioning manager/s are experienced managers or senior managers in the FE sector:

  • with responsibility for leading and managing an AP-type team in their workplace and/or
  • tasked with forming and coordinating an AP-type team.

(ii) AP-type teams are practitioners working in AP-type roles across the education and training sector, providing:

  • peer-to-peer support
  • guidance on improving education and aspiring to excellence
  • access to good practice
  • piloting of new education strategies
  • professional development opportunities & CPD 
  • new staff support
  • strategic planning support.

They may also be known by various titles, e.g.:

  • Teaching and Learning Coach
  • Advanced Coach
  • Teaching Skills Coach
  • Quality Practitioner.

The programme is aligned with Advanced Teacher Status (ATS). 

Training aim


The manager mentoring support will help you develop a vision for AP activity, manage and empower your AP teams, embed AP activity and values into your day-to-day provision & build long-term sustainability to support organisational quality improvements.

Advanced Practitioners 

The modular CPD programme is designed to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours of those operating in Advanced Practitioner-type roles in three areas:

  • Delivering effective and powerful CPD that results in improved outcomes for learners.
  • Identifying and harnessing outstanding educational practice
  • Driving and leading quality improvements across teams, departments, organisations and localities.

As an Advanced Practitioner you will have strengths in some or all these areas but may have identified specific aspects you want to develop further. If so this programme is for you.


You will have the knowledge and confidence to:

  • work collaboratively to establish the main principles, values and objectives of the AP role
  • explore a range of evidence-based practice to support your development as an effective and impactful AP
  • identify the essential skills for the role, highlighting actions you will take to extend and develop your skill-set
  • collaborate in identifying the key drivers for outstanding education and consider how to harness them
  • practice coaching & mentoring for individuals and teams, using a variety of coaching models
  • establish routes to quality improvement through effective collaboration and negotiation
  • explore and develop effective CPD models
  • explore how to ensure and assess the impact of your actions
  • plan a range of collaborative quality improvement projects
  • monitor and assess your own development and identify future actions. 



Five sequential modules with a combination of asynchronous learning (self-paced & online) & synchronous sessions delivered via Zoom. 

  • M1: Introducing the AP-type role (online module approx. 2 hours)
  • M2: Developing APs' Knowledge, Skills & Behaviours (live via Zoom-3 hours)
  • M3: Driving & Evaluating Quality Improvements (live via Zoom-3 hours)
  • M4: Driving Change (online module-approx. 2 hours)
  • M5: Evaluating Progress (live via Zoom 3 hours)

All participants will undertake a Quality Improvement (QI) project linked to their organisation's key objectives, scoped during module 3. Participants will receive a comprehensive AP Toolkit to facilitate effective CPD, educational practice & quality improvements in their AP-type role.

Commissioning Manager/s

M1: Reviewing the AP-type role within your organisation (online module approx. 1.5 hours) Up to 4 meetings with your mentor to review progress, and plan in line with the practitioner CPD.

Entry Requirements


Experienced managers in the FE sector:

  • with responsibility for leading and managing an AP-type team in their workplace and/or
  • tasked with forming and coordinating an AP-type team

Before booking please read this guidance to ensure you can commit to programme requirements.


You must be a practitioner working in an Advanced Practitioner-type role within the education and training sector. You will be working in a peer-to-peer support structure providing guidance on improving quality in teaching, learning and assessment (TLA).

You will be required to undertake a small-scale collaborative quality improvement project as part of this programme. You must have full support from your line manager.

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