FE Women's Voices 6: Inspirational Women's Voices - Monica Marongui (Code: C0953)

"Being a woman in a leadership position is tough. Being a woman and an immigrant can be even more challenging. I had to work twice as hard for promotion and had to confront my own self-doubt as well as that of others. I want to share my experience about the challenges I faced when trying to assimilate into the English work culture and how the obstacles in my way became fuel for both personal and professional growth."  (Monica Marongui, Assistant Principal, Lambeth College)


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Who is this for?

Any and every woman in FE, if you:

  • are a woman of Black (African, Caribbean, Black British), South Asian, East Asian, Arabic, European, mixed or minority ethnic heritage, and rarely see yourself represented in leadership in FE, skills or lifelong learning.
  • You have questions you want to ask Monica and Shauna.
  • You want FE leadership to be diverse-representative of the diversity of our students and communities.
  • You want to stop systemic bias in our institutions and sector.

Training aim

"I am doing this webinar to hopefully empower and inspire other women to be more confident and take positive action to progress in their own journey." (Monica Marongui, Assistant Principal, Lambeth College)

We aim:

  • To motivate, inspire and support you in your leadership journey.
  • To support your presence, voice, visibility and progression. .
  • To provide different perspectives and insights into women's leadership journeys. .
  • To build our intersectional race and gender understandings and solidarity in FE.


"I honestly did not think of myself as a leader when I first embarked on my leadership journey. I have been very lucky to have mentors and role models who saw the potential in me and persuaded me not to hold myself back, be more assertive and raise my profile and authentic "voice" (Monica Marongui, Assistant Principal, Lambeth College)

You will have the knowledge and confidence to:

  •  Recognise and understand different experiences and perspectives in a leadership journey.
  • Identify your role models or potential role models. • Identify ways to overcome bias for yourself and others.
  • Look at your career progression and leadership aspirations through an intersectional lens.
  • Identify ways to get support on your leadership journey.
  • After the session raise the voice, presence and progression of yourself and other women.


A little over an hour:

  • We open our Zoom room at 13.35 - to socialise/sort out any technical problems.
  • We start promptly at 13.45.
  • We finish at 14,45 .
  • We remain for another 10 minutes afterwards for any 1:1 questions/conversations.

This is an interactive live discussion, so it's important to join us on the day. WLN may record it (subject to everyone involved being happy for us to do so), but the ETF will not be publishing the recording.

Entry Requirements

You will get the most out of this session if:

  • You aspire to leadership in FE, skills or lifelong learning and are looking for inspiration and motivation.
  • You enjoy stimulating discussion from a diversity of experiences and perspectives.
  • Intersectional gender equality matters to you.
  • You want to help build intersectional race and gender understandings and solidarity.
  • You want to be an effective ally in supporting diverse women's leadership. 

We want everyone to enjoy and have full access to this online session. Please do not be offended if we ask you to help us do so, and tell us when you book if you have any specific online accessibility requirements we need to know about. If you notice something we've missed or made difficult for you or others, please say. We will do everything we can to make it right.

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