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CfEM Masterclass 4: Continuing Research After Your Current Programme Ends
CfEM Masterclass 4: Continuing Research After Your Current Programme Ends (Code: C1337)

Are you enjoying action research? Do you want to continue longer term? If the answer is a big "yes!", this Masterclass will raise your awareness of the range of options and opportunities available. A one-hour online masterclass for FE staff participating in action research who may want to do more research in future.

This masterclass is part of a wider series.

Key factors in individual maths lesson planning
Key factors in individual maths lesson planning (Code: C1251)

The planning of individual lessons, and how they interlink with others, are crucial in order to maximise the time spent with learners and get the most out of the resources available.

This interactive course will support all practitioners delivering substantial maths content in how approaches to planning can support deeper learning and develop learner engagement. It will include how the use of resources can be maximised and enable participants to gain a greater awareness of how they put together a lesson plan impacts on the learning that does or does not take place.

Leading From The Middle
Leading From The Middle (Code: C0455)
Leading from the Middle is the FE and Skills sector's new high impact development programme for sector middle managers. With a focus on the skills, behaviours, competencies and awareness to succeed in middle leadership and management roles, this programme adopts an innovative and personalised approach to improving the professional effectiveness of this important tier of sector leadership. This is a solutions focussed programme that will encourage you to think and act differently.
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