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Whole College Approach (WCA) PD Event 3
09/02/2022 @ Online - Whole College Approach (WCA) PD Event 3 - Whole College Approach (WCA) PD Event 3 (Code: C1369/002)

This is the third event for all college WCA teams. The event will focus on the Intervention Phase of the WCA programme and a review of progress by college teams. Team members will have the opportunity to share experiences with those with similar roles in other colleges, as well as engaging as a college team in a peer review process. This will allow all team members to reflect on progress, review actions and gain a broader understanding of how other colleges are approaching similar issues.

Digital Skills Matter
09/02/2022 @ Online - Digital Skills Matter - Sharing Practice from On-The-Ground Delivery. (Code: C1361/002)

The practitioner-led event will explore effective practice in the delivery of digital skills in the FE and Training sector and highlight how the new entitlement at Entry 3 and Level 1 has given learners the opportunity to participate in an increasingly digital world and take advantage of digital technology.

Practitioners will share their experience and support each other to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver digital skills and Essential Digital Skills qualifications.

Innovative Teaching Methods and Modes of Delivery in English
09/02/2022 @ Online - Innovative Teaching Methods and Modes of Delivery in English - February 2022 (Code: C1341/003)

Session will include a case study of the different delivery modes used at Weston college including a tour the alternative classroom, 1:1 intervention techniques, social enterprise and how to embed "lightbulb" moments in all lessons in regard to English. Specialists will share with practitioners key concepts on "talking for writing", "the art of Orase" and "communication games" to help improve teaching practices in the classroom. We will also focus on key agendas such as "reading for pleasure" and "no pens Wednesdays" to help build confidence towards English.

Apprenticeship Support for Learners with SEND
09/02/2022 @ Online - Apprenticeship Support for Learners with SEND (Code: C1371/002)

Starting an apprenticeship programme can often leave an individual feeling overwhelmed with how to juggle not only the demands of the workplace but how to meet the criteria set within their chosen programme. If an individual undertaking an apprenticeship also has a diagnosed learning difficulty these challenges may be heightened further and therefore the need for specialist support is imperative to ensure the learner is retained and able to complete their programme within the planned end date.

Regional Governance Conferences 21/22
09/02/2022 @ Online - Regional Governance Conferences 21/22 - South West - Governance Conference (Code: C1173/005)

As part of the wider agenda to develop FE governance, this programme of regional events aims to support board members and senior leaders to improve board effectiveness and overall provider performance. These events are delivered by the Association of Colleges and are free to attend.

Student Governors Inductions 2021/22
09/02/2022 @ Online - Student Governors Inductions 2021/22 - Student governors Inductions - February session (Code: C1301/007)

As part of the wider agenda to develop governance in the Further Education and Training sector, the student governors inductions have been organised to help new student governors in their role.

CfEM Masterclass 2: Who and How Many Should I Research? Sample Frames for FE teachers
10/02/2022 @ Online - CfEM Masterclass 2: Who and How Many Should I Research? Sample Frames for FE teachers - Sample frames/Designing action research cycles - how many and who to research with (Code: C1335/002)

A 1-hour online Masterclass for action research leaders and teachers, introducing and using sampling to improve the quality, efficiency and impact of qualitative and quantitative research.

Integrating maths into vocational courses
10/02/2022 @ Online - Integrating maths into vocational courses (Code: C1254/005)

Presenting maths in a contextualised or embedded way increases motivation and improves learning.

This interactive course will support technical and vocational tutors, trainers, and assessors to identify naturally occurring opportunities to develop learners' maths skills needed to successfully complete their study programme, apprenticeship, or vocational or technical course. A range of resources and best practice approaches will be discussed.

Diversity in Leadership
10/02/2022 @ Online - Diversity in Leadership - Diversity Masterclass series - Leadership (Code: C0639/031)

The aim of this programme is to challenge bias, remove obstacles to achieving leadership roles and provide coaching to motivate and build confidence in aspiring leaders across the sector. The programme includes organisational culture change workshops and coaching for 30 diverse aspiring leaders and Governors, in particular those from a BAME background and those with protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010. New for 2021/22 is a diversity masterclass series of three modules covering topics to address and reverse structural discrimination and to promote diversity and inclusion.

Success in speaking and listening
10/02/2022 @ Online - Success in speaking and listening - Previously: The role of speaking and listening in language development and English exams (Code: C1269/004)

This interactive course will help you to explore the importance of teaching learners more about the differences between speech and writing so that they can use language purposefully and make informed communicative choices.

With a focus on practical activities, and using real samples, you will explore how speaking and listening skills can be used to inform ad improve writing. You will have the opportunity to discuss themes and experiences and to share ideas with each other.

Interactive webinars for leaders/managers, mentors and mentees
10/02/2022 @ Online - Interactive webinars for leaders/managers, mentors and mentees - Mentees Webinar (Code: C1296/013)

We believe that every FE organisation has the potential to provide high-quality mentoring and coaching for their staff. By attending these webinars leaders, mentors and mentees can start to ensure that mentoring and coaching in their organisation are of the highest quality. In these interactive webinars you will learn how to support or enact effective mentoring and coaching.

Each webinar will last for 60 minutes. There are three available: leaders & managers, mentors and mentees.

You only need to attend one session. 

RARPA - developing your SEND curriculum
10/02/2022 @ Online - RARPA - developing your SEND curriculum - An Introduction to RARPA (Code: C0898/004)

RARPA (Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement) is the process to measure the progress and achievement of. learners on non-accredited learning programmes. 

In this webinar we will explore the use of RARPA for a variety of learners to ensure we are using the study programme flexibly to meet needs. 

Marking, assessing and feeding forward in English
11/02/2022 @ Online - Marking, assessing and feeding forward in English (Code: C1281/005)

This course offers an introduction to the principles of marking and assessment for both Functional Skills and GCSE English. The importance of effective marking and ways of feeding forward will be discussed and plenty of opportunities to share ideas will be given. We will then move onto setting accurate and realistic targets for your learners that present sufficient challenge for them with actionable feedback that should help fuel progress. Actionable feedback will also be considered in terms of how we can help learners to develop their metacognitive skills and mindset for learning English.

Integrating English into vocational training
11/02/2022 @ Online - Integrating English into vocational training (Code: C1248/006)

This interactive course aims to help teachers plan and deliver holistic learning activities that connect English to the learner's vocational area. All of the activities use the vocational area as the starting point.

The workshop focusses on two key areas: how to use the vocational area as the foundation for all English teaching and learning activities; and how to ensure that, as far as possible, activities are holistic and representative of what learners might find themselves undertaking in the workplace.