Strategies for developing and supporting effective teaching and learning in a SEND provision (Code: C1699)

This live session, facilitated by Natspec, will cover:  

  • What effective teaching and learning in SEND looks like  
  • How we monitor effectiveness  
  • Crucial steps in delivering appropriate teaching and learning  
  • Opportunities to learn from experienced Natspec colleagues  
  • Links to resources and strategies  


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Who is this for?

This session is for new tutors, experienced tutors wanting to reflect on their current practice and managers who want to support tutors to embed new strategies and explore differentiation in SEND.  

Training aim

This training is intended to provide information to colleges who are interested and can see the importance of the effectiveness of teaching and learning in SEND:

  • identifying what effective teaching and learning in SEND means
  • how we monitor the effectiveness of teaching and learning and continuously develop and improve strategies
  • explore the benefits of using effective strategies to deliver effective teaching and ensure your learners can achieve
  • consider the potential barriers to trying something new and not just sticking to tried and trusted methods
  • explore how knowing your learners is key to delivering effective teaching and learning
  • look at the wider implications for learners around teaching and learning and the impact on them if they are not ready to learn
  • link to the Preparing For Adulthood Agenda (PFA) and RARPA and how this can be used to inform effective teaching and learning
  • Look at who uses project-based learning to engage and improve teaching and learning


You will have the knowledge and confidence to  

  • explore what is required to inform your teaching and learning before you can plan  
  • identify the benefits and potential barriers to effective teaching and learning  
  • try supported experiments and bring new ideas to your teaching  
  • ensure you can monitor your teaching and how effective it has been for your learners  
  • recognise how you can incorporate preparing for adulthood and RARPA in your teaching to widen your delivery and have greater impact on your learners  
  • learn from current providers on their experience and perspective  


One hour and 15 minutes  

Entry Requirements


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