Planning a successful personalised curriculum to meet the individual needs of your learners (Code: C1746)

This live session, facilitated by Natspec, will introduce participants to strategies in planning a personalised curriculum. It will explore how a curriculum could be co-created with learners’ views being considered and reflect on the starting point and cycle of planning and reflection to deliver an effective, challenging, and creative curriculum that has a positive impact on learners with SEND.  

There will be opportunities to hear from professional colleagues about their approach to curriculum planning that meets the needs and empowers learners.  


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Who is this for?

This training is intended to provide information to managers, course leaders and practitioners in further education colleges who have responsibility for planning curriculum and can see the importance of personalised learning for learners with SEND.

Training aim

What do we mean?  

We will start with identifying what curriculum planning means and how this is carried out in colleges.  

Benefits and potential barriers?  

We will explore the benefits of this curriculum and also consider the potential barriers that may be faced in further education colleges.  

Where to start?  

We will look at how we build a curriculum that meets the needs of the learners and prepares them effectively for the next stage of their life whether this is further education or for adulthood and how these are blended to provide a holistic approach.  

What needs to be included?  

We will consider the essential components for a successful curriculum.


You will have the knowledge and confidence to:  

  • approach curriculum planning that is personalised for the learner
  • identify the benefits and potential barriers
  • consider first steps in creating a new curriculum and identify what needs to be included
  • learn from professionals in specialist settings


1 hour and 15 minuted

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