Governance Professionals Executive Mentoring (Code: C1216)

From research it’s been discovered that most Governance Professions believe private one-to-one support will have the greatest impact on their confidence, clarity and ability to deliver effective governance to the sector.

The role is both high profile, critical and, at the same time, can feel isolated.

With this in mind, since 2021, ETF has developed a tailored and targeted private Executive Coaching Programme for Governance Professionals with Career Coach, Kay White.


Online - Coaching September 2024- March 2025 Cohort
Date: 02/09/2024
Price: no charge
Booking Close Date: 02/09/2024
Session 1
Date: 02/09/2024 - 31/03/2025
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Who is this for?

Clerks, Directors of Governance, Governance Professionals of FE Boards.  

Training aim

Kay White will provide a personalised, private and confidential opportunity to unlock your potential and maximise your performance, to support the journey to effective leadership in governance. The offer is for both governance specific leadership challenges as well as general personal development and will consist of tailored and personalised coaching support.  

Sessions will cover any of the following topics:

  • Understand and Work With Your Environment  
  • Influential Communication Skills  
  • Develop Deeper Listening Skills 
  • Boundaries & Time Management Skills 
  • Build Strong, Valuable Relationships 
  • Enhance Your EQ 
  • Understand and leverage your value
  • Step Out of the Shadows 
  • Become a Changemaker & Thought Leader for your Board  


You will develop the knowledge and confidence to:  

  • Provide deeper and more effective support for the Chair through a clearer understanding of different communication styles, having had a safe place to gain perspective, try things out and build confidence.  
  • Anticipate strategic problems, engage and challenge effectively with the right people at the right time, and mobilise resources to solve them, by having a greater level of understanding and intention.
  • Be solutions-driven and demonstrate tenacity, resilience, and persistence in reaching the right decisions and goals, through increased personal awareness.  



By application only, each Governance Professional will be offered up to two 60 minute private sessions with Kay White to be conducted over a period of 6 months.  Each session will offer coaching support for developing skills, considering strategies and addressing challenges.  All sessions to be carried out before March 2025. 

All one-on-one sessions will be conducted online via Zoom. This is a flexible provision suited to the needs of each individual and Kay White and the individual will work out timings and best online access.


Entry Requirements

Once registered, participants will be sent a short form to fill in by the Education and Training Foundation to gauge your eligibility - initially priority will be given to those who have not accessed coaching and mentoring from Kay White before, or who may be receiving mentoring through other ETF programmes. 

All candidates will be required to provide feedback and summaries of the impact the private coaching has for them.

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