Visualising maths (Code: C1520)

Visualisation is accepted as an important aspect of mathematical reasoning. Edens and Potter state, "[Visualisations] assist students in learning to 'unpack' the structure of a problem" (2008). Visualisation refers to mental imagery people use make sense of problems. This includes using pictures, diagrams and charts that can help organise thoughts.

This interactive course will explore different ways visualisation-focused activities can support learners understanding and encourage deeper thinking in maths, including algebraic expressions, circle geometry, areas, and problem-solving.


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Who is this for?

This course is for teachers and other practitioners delivering GCSE maths in the Further Education and Training sector. Teachers of vocational courses and T levels would also find much of this course useful. Some content will be helpful to those teaching Functional Skills maths.

Training aim

To enable you to better support your learners understanding of concepts within maths using visualisation based activities.


On this course, you will:

  • consider what visualisation means
  • investigate visualisation-focused activities to support learners in understanding aspects maths and encourage deeper thinking
  • reflect upon how you might use these activities and approaches in your own teaching. 


Two hours.

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