Maths in more than one dimension (Code: C1524)

The GCSE topic areas of the properties of angles, including those in parallel lines and the conventional language, terms and notations used in geometry carry several misconceptions, as identified in Chief Examiners reports.

This course explores a range of approaches and imagery that support skills development and deep learning of 2D and 3D shape and relationships between angles, from first principles. It introduces a range of rich collaborative tasks, tackles misconceptions and uses innovative technology.


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Who is this for?

This course is mainly for practitioners delivering GCSE maths as it focuses upon certain geometric topics which frequently carry misconceptions and can be generally weak. Some elements will be useful for those delivering Functional Skills maths and vocational staff delivering content with a high degree of geometry.

Training aim

To develop strategies that you can apply to engage learners in the deep learning of maths in the scope of 2D and 3D shape.


In this course, you will:

  • identify opportunities to develop the interpretation of 2D and 3D shape including using the correct terminology
  • investigate calculating area in a range of 2D shapes, including circles
  • consider angle relationships around parallel lines, around a point and on straight lines, building from first principles
  • reflect upon how you might use these activities and approaches in your own teaching.


Two hours.

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