Assessing progress through use of baseline assessments (Code: C1704)

This live session, facilitated by Natspec, will cover how we assess progress and achievement through baseline assessing. It will identify resources and strategies to support delivery, reflecting on current practice and learning from Natspec colleagues, and will cover the key elements that need to be in place to ensure that your recording processes are robust and appropriate to the learners’ learning aims.  This will include considering the curriculum, Preparing for Adulthood, identifying learners’ starting points and monitoring distance travelled.    


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Who is this for?

This session is for anyone working with SEND learners in the FE and Skills Sector or developing their study programmes for this cohort of learners who want to further their knowledge and understanding of how to monitor and record progress and achievement through baseline assessments.    

Attending this session will benefit new tutors, experienced tutors wanting to reflect on their current practice, and managers who want to support tutors to develop their confidence to monitor and record progress through Baseline assessments.  

Training aim

During this session we will:

  • look at how we monitor the effectiveness of our baseline assessments and how we reflect on our own practice and continuously develop and improve strategies
  • start with identifying what an effective baseline assessment looks like
  • explore the benefits of using effective assessments and timely reviews to ensure your learners can achieve and evidence their distance travelled from a recognised staring point
  • consider the potential barriers to trying something new
  • explore how knowing your learners and assessing their starting points to evidence their learning journey is key to delivering effective teaching and learning
  • link to the Preparing for Adulthood Agenda and RARPA and how this can be used to inform effective teaching and learning
  • share practice, experience, challenges and different assessment methods by Natspec colleagues to enable you to have a broad knowledge and discover what resources will be best for your provision


You will have the knowledge and confidence to:  

  • explore what is required to inform your curriculum before you plan appropriate assessments  
  • identify the benefits and potential barriers to baseline assessing
  • bring new ideas to your recording of learner progress and achievement
  • ensure you can monitor your learners’ journey and their distance travelled from their starting points and evidence how effective it has been for your learners  
  • recognise how you can incorporate preparing for adulthood and RARPA in your assessing to have greater impact on your learners    
  • learn from current providers on baseline assessments   


 One hour and 15 minutes  

Entry Requirements


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