Practical strategies for ensuring the learners' voice is heard (Code: C1724)

This Live Session, facilitated by Natspec, will provide an opportunity to focus on the importance of hearing our learners’ voices, providing vital feedback and impacting organisations strategically and operationally, as well as learner’s day to day lives.  

It will cover practical strategies to ensure that organisations with SEND provision hear their learners’ voices and maximise the developmental opportunities that this brings.  


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Who is this for?

This session is for anyone working with SEND learners in the FE and skills sector or developing their study programmes for this cohort of learners who wants to focus on the importance of hearing learners’ voices.     

Training aim

This session is designed to:  

  • Focus on the importance of valuing and acting upon the perspectives and thoughts of all learners in order to bring about positive and constructive change to both organisations and learners' college lives, and beyond.  
  • Outline and discuss a range of strategies used to source, listen to and implement learners’ thoughts strategically, operationally and in daily practice.  
  • Provide opportunities to hear from providers who use different approaches.    


You will have the knowledge and confidence to:  

  • Embed and role model an organisational culture of listening to learners’ thoughts, opinions and feedback.  
  • Implement strategies to ensure that the authentic learner voice is sourced.  
  • Identify and adapt learner voice structures that suit your cohort of learners and organisation.  
  • Recognise that listening to and acting upon the learners voices and perspectives has significant benefits for organisations and all of its stakeholders.  


  1hr 15 minutes  

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