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Governance Development Programme
Governance Development Programme (Code: C0475)

This comprehensive training programme for college governors comprises 32 modules at core, proficient and advanced level, including workshops, online training, podcasts and more. To access the online modules, your institution needs to purchase the programme license on this page- only one booking is needed per organisation. This will then give you an access key to allow you full access to the full range of modules hosted on the Foundation Online Learning platform. To access additional one-off webinars, these will be charged at an additional £25 per person per webinar.

Governance Professionals' Development Programme (GPDP) for Clerks and Directors of Governance
Governance Professionals' Development Programme (GPDP) for Clerks and Directors of Governance (Code: C1127)

This new programme has been designed to support the governance professional specifically in the leadership dimensions of the role. Participants will benefit from new insights, increased confidence and impact, and a network of peers.

Governance Professionals' Induction and Mentoring Programme
Governance Professionals' Induction and Mentoring Programme (Code: C1049)

The induction programme will seek to provide standardisation to the governance professional's role, by equipping participants with guidance on what their role is and what the role of governance is, what is expected of them and how this role should develop over a period of time. It will allow for sharing best practice and learning from others more experienced in the sector to ensure that this role, which can feel isolated, benefits from being part of a wider community. The induction will recognise the variety of backgrounds and skills that new governance professionals bring to the role.

Governance Professionals' Leadership Programme
Governance Professionals' Leadership Programme (Code: C1225)

This 2.5-day residential programme, developed with the Institute of Directors (IoD), explores the role of the governance professional, how they can become an authoritative voice on governance, while providing effective support for the Chair and the wider board. In addition to the residential element, participants can complete an optional strengths profiling diagnostic in advance, and participate in action learning sets following the completion of the programme. IoD Associate membership is also included as part of the programme fee.

Graphs in maths
Graphs in maths (Code: C1257)

The Chief Examiner highlights that there appears to be little understanding of the relationship between equation and graph, between graphs, parallel lines, or finding an equation from a straight-line graph. Linear and quadratic graphs are important as they represent connections between variables.

This interactive course will explore activities that you can use with learners to develop their understanding and solve linear graphs, recognise and interpret graphical quadratic equations and solve everyday contexts represented by graphs.

Leading From The Middle
Leading From The Middle (Code: C0455)
Leading from the Middle is the FE and Skills sector's new high impact development programme for sector middle managers. With a focus on the skills, behaviours, competencies and awareness to succeed in middle leadership and management roles, this programme adopts an innovative and personalised approach to improving the professional effectiveness of this important tier of sector leadership. This is a solutions focussed programme that will encourage you to think and act differently.
New to Senior Leadership Programme
New to Senior Leadership Programme (Code: C1209)

This innovative New to Senior Leadership Programme has been designed for leaders who have taken up a senior leadership role or would like support to develop in their senior leadership role. Aligned to ETF's leadership pipeline, it will enable newly appointed senior leaders to take up their roles more effectively and forge a cross-sector cadre of leaders.

Preparing for CEO Programme
Preparing for CEO Programme (Code: C0270)
The role of a leader in the Further Education sector is a complex, challenging and rewarding one. CEOs and Principals require a range of skills, knowledge and experience to effectively lead institutions that are experiencing continued social, economic and technical change. This programme, delivered by Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, is aimed specifically for experienced FE leaders who are looking to step-up to the role of Principal or CEO in the next 1-2 years.
Preparing for CEO Programme - Module 3
Preparing for CEO Programme - Module 3 (Code: C0517)
Module 3 is for those who have completed Modules 1 and 2 of the Preparing for CEO Programme and who would like to continue with their leadership development. Building on the groundwork of the first modules, module 3 provides an immersive and challenging experience to help prepare those planning to step into a senior leadership role. It covers themes such as the leadership of people, lessons from the first 90 days of CEOs/Principals, organisational design, personal impact, strategy and vision.
Staff Governors Conference 2021
Staff Governors Conference 2021 (Code: C1292)

A highly regarded annual event in the Staff Governors' calendar. This long standing event which is subsidised by the DfE, and developed by the ETF in conjunction with AoC, Holex, Unison, Unite and UCU has been referred to as the must attend event for FE Staff Governors. This years event should have something for all Staff Governors no matter on how long you have been in your role.

Strategic Leadership Programme (SLP) for Principals and CEOs
Strategic Leadership Programme (SLP) for Principals and CEOs (Code: C0143)
The Further Education Strategic Leadership Programme will be delivered by Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, one of the world's leading business schools, renowned for delivering cutting-edge education and ground-breaking research.
The Further Education CFO Programme
The Further Education CFO Programme (Code: C0174)
As demands on the further education sector rise, the need for FDs and CFOs to step forward is clear. ICAEW have been commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) to deliver a programme that will deliver a step change in the ability of CFOs and FDs in the sector to partner with their CEO to drive strategy forward.
The Technical Aspects of Being a Governance Professional - Expert Level Programme
The Technical Aspects of Being a Governance Professional - Expert Level Programme (Code: C1050)

This programme is designed for Governance professionals looking to better prepare themselves to move towards being a strategic enabler.  It will give them greater knowledge on the technical aspects of their role in regards to regulation, compliance and board business, as well as an understanding of the strategic context of their college in order to enable alignment of the decision making process in the boardroom with strategic intent.

'What Next? - supporting my leadership development'
'What Next? - supporting my leadership development' (Code: C1169)

Maybe you have attended our Women Up sessions before and are now wondering what to do next for your professional and personal development? Maybe you miss the networking opportunities and the warmth and support of the other women on the courses? Or maybe you have never been on a Women Up course and you want to know what it can offer you?

The 'What Next' sessions are an opportunity to think and plan your professional development for next year and have great conversations about leadership with other women in the sector before the academic year ends. They are space and time for you.

Women and wellbeing during Covid-19 action learning set
Women and wellbeing during Covid-19 action learning set (Code: C1096)

The kinds of developmental activities managers, leaders, and organisations undertake are important to how we learn, survive and work with uncertainty and an ever-changing environment. Covid-19 restrictions, illness and deaths have exacerbated existing intersectional gendered inequalities for students and staff. Putting the voices of marginalised groups front and centre is vital to understanding and responding effectively and compassionately to the different ways people have experienced this global pandemic.

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