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Maths problem solving
30/06/2022 @ Online - Maths problem solving - June (Code: C1255/009)

As well as a need for learners to develop better problem-solving skills, current maths exams at Functional Skills and GCSE require the ability to answer longer, more complex questions with multistep processes, typically requiring the showing of method or planning alongside

This is an interactive course that will support all practitioners in developing learners reasoning and problem-solving skills. Whilst also examining a range of activities that can be used with learners for supporting them in improving confidence in tackling more complex multistep problems.

#CfEMLive22 - Responsive Teaching (3 of 3)
01/07/2022 @ Online - #CfEMLive22 - Responsive Teaching (3 of 3) - #CfEMLive22 - Responsive Teaching (3 of 3) (Code: C1415/002)

Join the CfEM Live 2022 series of online events which see maths practitioners from across England sharing and celebrating outcomes from their latest action research projects. There are a total of three events, each focusing on a different theme. 

Today’s theme is Responsive Teaching: helping teachers value and build on students’ prior learning and address individual needs. 

Please see here for further details of Day 1 (Teaching for Mastery) and here for Day 2 (Mathematical Resilience).

Key factors in individual maths lesson planning
06/07/2022 @ Online - Key factors in individual maths lesson planning - July (Code: C1251/009)

The planning of individual lessons, and how they interlink with others, are crucial in order to maximise the time spent with learners and get the most out of the resources available.

This interactive course will support all practitioners delivering substantial maths content in how approaches to planning can support deeper learning and develop learner engagement. It will include how the use of resources can be maximised and enable participants to gain a greater awareness of how they put together a lesson plan impacts on the learning that does or does not take place.


Practitioner Research Sharing Event
11/07/2022 @ Online - Practitioner Research Sharing Event - Practitioner Research Sharing Event (Code: C1408/002)

These online twilight sessions (taking place from 3:30 to 5:00pm) are designed to provide insights into effective practitioner research from those with experience and expertise in the field.

Speakers including Sam Jones of RandO and the Research College Group, Claire Collins Consultancy and CfEM (Centres for Excellence in Maths) practitioner Liz Hopker of Newham College will be discussing practitioner research processes and practices. 


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