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Chairs' Leadership Programme - Module 2
29/04/2021 @ Online - Chairs' Leadership Programme - Module 2 - Chairs' Leadership Programme - Module 2 (Code: C1104/003)

Module 2 builds on the content, networking and learning of Module 1, with the aim of supporting the Chairs in establishing the organisation's strategic direction, decision-making and influencing, addressing aspects of board culture, and engaging in some of the implications of the recent White Paper.

The language of an inclusive curriculum
29/04/2021 @ Online - The language of an inclusive curriculum - The Language of an Inclusive Curriculum (Code: C1040/002)

The language we use directly impacts on our learners, our colleagues and our communities from first contact to progression via our curriculum. This means the words we use to describe our learners, our teaching and learning practices and our policies and procedures matter.  

The language of inclusion changed dramatically throughout the 20th century and with the Equality Act 2010 and Code of Practice in 2014 it has gathered pace in the 21st. For this reason, this session starts with a very brief history of inclusion.

Join us to discuss just what to say and when for inclusion.

Apprenticeships Strategic Leadership and Governance - Second Run
25/12/2021 @ Online - Apprenticeships Strategic Leadership and Governance - Second Run - Temporary Instance - Date TBC (Code: C1105/002)

Part of the Education and Training Foundation's (EFT) Apprenticeship Workforce Development (AWD) programme, this programme , developed in partnership with AELP and AoC, will enable leaders and governors to develop their knowledge of apprenticeships, confidence in their roles within apprenticeships and the effective leadership skills needed to support apprenticeship delivery. The three modules are: Effective Governance of Apprenticeships, Strategic Drivers for Planning your Apprenticeship Provision and Partnerships, Collaboration and Competition.

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