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Innovative Teaching Methods and Modes of Delivery in Maths
11/02/2022 @ Online - Innovative Teaching Methods and Modes of Delivery in Maths - Feb 2022 (Code: C1342/003)

Subject specialists will look at key concepts such as "playing with number", how to rethink "assessment in maths" and how to promote "growth mind-sets". Practitioners will also get an opportunity to view a case study from Weston college and explore the 6 different modes of delivery for maths. This included a virtual tour of the alternative classroom, 1:1 intervention and building blocks sessions. We will explore the correlation between maths and language, and the complexities that learners face in overcoming these. 

Investigating grammar: supporting your learners to understand how texts work
14/02/2022 @ Online - Investigating grammar: supporting your learners to understand how texts work (Code: C1276/003)

This interactive course aims to explore how knowledge and skills in grammar can be taught in imaginative ways through the active exploration of everyday and vocational texts. It is the second of two linked webinars that explore the teaching of grammar and extends the ideas and teaching strategies that are covered in the course entitled 'Developing Grammar for reading and writing'. Ideally therefore, participants will have attended the first course but it is not a requirement as this course begins with a summary of the content of the earlier session

Maths in more than one dimension
14/02/2022 @ Online - Maths in more than one dimension (Code: C1239/005)

The GCSE topic areas of the properties of angles, including those in parallel lines and the conventional language, terms and notations used in geometry carry several misconceptions, as identified in Chief Examiners reports.

This course explores a range of approaches and imagery that support skills development and deep learning of 2D and 3D shape and relationships between angles, from first principles. It introduces a range of rich collaborative tasks, tackles misconceptions and uses innovative technology.

Digital Skills Matter
14/02/2022 @ Waterlooville - Digital Skills Matter - CPD - Coffee, Projects & Doughnut (Code: C1361/004)

The practitioner-led event will explore effective practice in the delivery of digital skills in the FE and Training sector and highlight how the new entitlement at Entry 3 and Level 1 has given learners the opportunity to participate in an increasingly digital world and take advantage of digital technology.

Practitioners will share their experience and support each other to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver digital skills and Essential Digital Skills qualifications.

How to teach Essential Digital Skills (EDS)
16/02/2022 @ Online - How to teach Essential Digital Skills (EDS) - Effective searches - finding stuff fast and checking its source (Code: C0958/038)

The Essential Digital Skills (EDS) professional development programme supports the delivery of EDS based on the national standards.

How to teach EDS' sessions focus on focusing on developing skills, knowledge and confidence to teach competencies within the standards. The sessions will explore approaches for delivery that could be implemented with learner groups, including how they could be delivered through online/blended delivery. Time will be allocated to sharing ideas, challenges, and practice.

What Makes an Effective Support Worker in Tackling Maths and English?
16/02/2022 @ Online - What Makes an Effective Support Worker in Tackling Maths and English? - Feb 2022 (Code: C1343/003)

We look at how to manage support and look at the role of the support worker, grow your own models, and the importance of collaboration with support. We will focus on the "added value" element that support can bring to programmes of study and how invest in this area to support learner development in maths and English . Senior leaders will share recent OFSTED agendas in regard to support workers and will share top tips on how to monitor the input and impact this role has on learning. 

SEND Matters in Derby: beyond the SENCO
16/02/2022 @ Online - SEND Matters in Derby: beyond the SENCO - SEND Matters February 2022 (Code: C1214/006)

These informative, insightful and interactive sessions will include delivery from Derby City Council SEN leaders, local school Headteachers, Primary and Secondary SENCOs and the DCG Centre for Excellence in SEND team.

These sessions are designed to discuss, explore and share the five parts of the Derby City Local Area SEND strategy: 1. How we work together as a local area; 2. Inclusive schools and settings; 3. Wider support for families; 4. Personalised pathways for a good life and; 5. Successful lives - preparing for adulthood.

ETF Centres for Excellence in SEND: Employers Spokes: All Our Talents
17/02/2022 @ Portsmouth - ETF Centres for Excellence in SEND: Employers Spokes: All Our Talents - In Action: Hearing from the Workforce of the Future (Code: C1308/004)

Cross-sector businesses will have a chance to hear from other employers about:

  • The opportunities and barriers in creating inclusive working environments
  • The business case and social value of engagement
  • How the skills and talents of young people with SEND can support 'skills led recovery' and future proof your business
  • The support available from colleges and Hampshire County Council in overcoming barriers.  
Governance Development Programme
17/02/2022 @ Online - Governance Development Programme - C7: Effective teaching, learning and assessment (Code: C0475/042)

This comprehensive training programme for college governors comprises 32 modules at core, proficient and advanced level, including workshops, online training, podcasts and more. To access the online modules, your institution needs to purchase the programme license on this page- only one booking is needed per organisation. This will then give you an access key to allow you full access to the full range of modules hosted on the Foundation Online Learning platform. To access additional one-off webinars, these will be charged at an additional £25 per person per webinar.

Initial Assessment - Informing personalised curriculum building for learners with SEND
17/02/2022 @ Online - Initial Assessment - Informing personalised curriculum building for learners with SEND - Initial Assessment for learners with SEND (Code: C0900/005)

Join us while we share our development journey around initial assessment. 

We rely on our learners with inclusion needs (SEND) and their circles of support to inform our initial assessment of the softer skills. We then use the results to set targets and support our learners to plot their progress and then share their achievements via their progress reviews. 

Money maths
18/02/2022 @ Online - Money maths (Code: C1240/006)

Money makes the world go around! Being sensitive to learners' funds of knowledge can help them switch from informal to formal numeracy practices and enable them to respond to the demands of formal assessments more effectively.

This course introduces contextual materials and activities to develop learners' money maths abilities. It will support you to plan differentiated, inclusive money maths sessions. You will consider how to build on the knowledge and understanding that learners bring to the maths classroom to motivate them and encourage them to understand the value of maths. 

Essential Digital Skills for lead trainers and managers
24/02/2022 @ Online - Essential Digital Skills for lead trainers and managers (Code: C0843/013)

This interactive course provides trainers and leaders with the resources, ideas and support to deliver in-house professional development sessions that will introduce practitioners to the Education and Training Foundation's Essential Digital Skills (EDS) programme.

Diversity in Leadership
24/02/2022 @ Online - Diversity in Leadership - Diversity Masterclass series - Line Management (Code: C0639/035)

The aim of this programme is to challenge bias, remove obstacles to achieving leadership roles and provide coaching to motivate and build confidence in aspiring leaders across the sector. The programme includes organisational culture change workshops and coaching for 30 diverse aspiring leaders and Governors, in particular those from a BAME background and those with protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010. New for 2021/22 is a diversity masterclass series of three modules covering topics to address and reverse structural discrimination and to promote diversity and inclusion.

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